Managing editorial calendars with clients

I want to implement Asana at my content marketing agency and create editorial calendars across clients. I would like to invite clients to those teams to view the calendar and the progress of each piece, but not seeing subtasks or all of our conversations in those cards. Is this possible?I’ve done a lot of research but am still really confused.

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If you’re talking about adding sub-tasks the calendar this is not possible at this time unless you add the sub-task to the project itself (ie. multi-home your sub-task). @pforumleader @ambforumleader – I thought at some point someone wrote about this, but I can’t find the documentation. If so, can you please add it here?

Your parent task is in the calendar, when you click on that your sub-tasks and comments will populate.

If this doesn’t answer your question, please send some screen shots so I can possibly help you better.



Hey @Clara_Hogan,
If I’m understanding this right you would like to create a curated view of your calendar for clients to see?
If this is the case there is at very least one way, you could use something along the lines of Unito to create a parallel version of the project/calendar that does not sync all the fields (ie. don’t sync the comments or subtasks) and share the censored parallel project with the client.

Let me know if that helps,

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(FYI I changed the title of the thread to better reflect the topic being discussed.)


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