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Our company has just recently started using Asana.
My manager would like only to receive email alerts when tasks have been completed so he can check them, or when he has been asked a question.
At the moment, he either gets an alert whenever there is something new going on in the task or project, or he has unsubscribed from email alerts and therefore receives no updates on what’s going on and misses important things.
How can we have more customization over email alerts?
Thank you!

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I think there is currently no way to have this fine-grained level of notification… Best is for all the others to ping him when they have a question or the task is completed, but then he needs to be removed from the collaborators.

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A possible alternative if he is a member of all Teams he wants to see completed tasks is to create a Saved Advanced Search Favorite for last x number of days. He can run it at will or have another run for him and email to him with the new Chrome integration Asana2Go posted yesterday.

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This isn’t possible with Asana, but might be possible using email rules or a 3rd-party tool called Zapier. I’d be happy to talk further if you’re looking for professional help to achieve that.

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