Manage the workload of team members


I’m trying to get my team to use Asana. The issue I currently have is that until now, only one person was in charge of allocating the work to the employees. That person was making sure that no one gets overloaded with work and that everyone has at least something to do during the day. Is there a way to have an overview of everyone’s tasks for each day (even if they don’t have anything that is assigned to them at the moment)? I think it was possible via a search but this feature seems now to be unavailable for free plan.
Thanks in advance


Great question, @Sandrine.

This is possible using Advanced Search, and you can pull a list of the tasks assigned to each person over a set period of time (i.e. the next 7 days) and then sort by assignee to see how much each person has on their plate. This is a premium feature as you noted, and you can see more information about it here: Hope this helps!

Disappointed in paid version

Hi Kaitie, Is there any possibility to see the workload summary (when I use Custom field for this reason)? Let’s say I have 10 tasks per person with different estimates. How can I see the sum for each person? Any advice?


Great follow up.
You could do this by using an Advanced Search for tasks assigned to each person and then sort by assignee. Then you can multi-select the tasks under each person to see the aggregate sum for each. Hope this helps!


Thanks Kaitie.

It’s exactly what I was looking for. Any chance you have an actual
screenshot of that?
Even though the explanation is really clear in the link you send
me, a picture is always worth a thousand words.


Super- happy to send over screen shots.

I’d recommend setting up the advanced search for incomplete tasks due within a certain time frame:

Once the results display, you can then sort by assignee on the right side:

Then you can multi-select the tasks under each person, and in the right, you’ll see the aggregate of all selected tasks that have the field filled in:

. Hope this helps :slight_smile: