Manage e-mail notifications for guests outside my organisation

I’m working with an integration partner, and have assigned my first task to her. She doesn’t use Asana natively, and doesn’t plan to outside of this project.

I want to assign a task to her and have her get an e-mail notification once a week until it’s done.

Do I have any way to set the notification cadence for her? Or would she need to actually log into Asana, go to the notification section, and set this herself? As she doesn’t use the app I don’t want to have to walk her through it, I just want to be able to get it all set for her.

Thank you!

When adding her email in the assignment of the activity she will already receive it via email, at that moment even without interaction with Asana she will receive the emails with the histories and attributions, until she accesses the platform and the parametrize not to receive. You will be able to notify it whenever necessary via email.

Hope this helps!

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Hi @David_Gerrard and welcome to the Forum!

To add to what @Laiza_Oliveira_de_So already said, you can manage your colleague notifications at the project level (, but you can’t manage email notification on their behalf, these can only be adjust by the owner of the account; more info in:

Hope this helps!