Making workspace public


I work for a community-based non-profit organization that prioritizes the public sharing of data as much as possible. The staff I work with uses Asana to manage our project work, but would like to make the work that we do as public as possible. Are any of the following possible or on the development horizon for Asana?

  1. Giving public “view-only” access to all projects in a workspace. This would need to be unlimited in terms of number of viewers, as we have thousands of people in our community.

  2. Exporting all of the project data for all projects in a workspace as a CSV?

  3. Any other possible solutions to make the data for our projects public in real time (or with a short lag of maybe a day)?

Any advice would be appreciated.



Hi @Erin_Becker

Four options spring to mind . . .

  1. Export the data to CSV: We do this right now for about 60 projects. You just run an advanced search and in the IN PROJECTS box, type all of the projects you want to export. Then save the report and export it as a CSV. The only downside is that you have to remember to add/remove projects in the report as necessary, so if you have a high turnover of projects, that might be a bit burdensome.
  2. Use the dashboard report: Add all of your projects to your dashboard and export from the Google Sheets dashboard report.
  3. Export to Bridge 24: Bridge24 does the same sort of thing as a CSV export, but with the addition of comments, which the Asana export doesn’t have. You can then export data to CSV from Bridge24, which is free for up to 50 rows.
  4. Three Dots: Three Dots lets you turn an Asana project into a simple web page, accessible to anyone.

Hopefully one or a combination of those will help. Let me know how you get on. :+1: