Making Tasks Default to Public

Asana - please listen to your customers and add the option to make all tasks public. This is really frustrating that its not an option. I really don’t want to have to individually mark my tasks as public.


please vote for this feature here


One more vote for the option to choose public or private default on My Tasks.

I also voted for it as noted above.

I frequently have to make lists of subtasks and my coworkers are missing this information if I forget to click ‘make public’ for the 100th time. And I agree, I’m not going to make a busy work project and mess up our other projects. I spend my day in My Tasks and would like the option for it to default to public. Thank you.


I just started using Asana and this is one of the first pain points I’ve encountered-- I’m very surprised this isn’t even an option. Vote to create “default to public” my tasks option.


Voting for this feature as well! I, too, am surprised this isn’t an option.


Voting for this. My team was locked out of an important task I created for them while I was out of office.

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Agreed with everyone else posting this, this might cause me/my team to go with another option. Having to individually make every task public instead of private is super annoying, especially since we rarely if every work within set projects, and don’t want to limit the use to that space. Voting for having the option to make it public by default.

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A workaround here is to create a public project and then create a rule in your “My Tasks” to automatically add new tasks to that project. This will set the visibility rules to public automatically.

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Welcome, @Jeff_Morgan,

I don’t think that’s the case.

You suggest creating a “public project” but projects can at most be public to the team they’re in, so that’s not the same as the “Make public” option. Your workaround will only make the task public to the team, not to all. (If you had an “All staff” team with correct membership, then it would amount to the same thing, so perhaps that’s what you’re suggesting.)


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Adding to this. We really need this option in our account.

I’ve been an asana user for almost a decade. The first time I feel like leaving the platform. Why CAN’T we set the default as public? Whyyyyy

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YES! Please default tasks added to “My Tasks” as public. Make this improvement, like, yesterday!

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Adding my vote to this topic for the option to make tasks default to public.

There is also an anomaly in the iOS app, which does not have the option to make a task public when viewing a task, creating a new task or creating a follow-up task (unless it is this user’s error). Would be good to have similar functionality to the web version when we’re using Asana on the go.

My marketing agency would also like My Tasks to default as public! It would be the easiest way to let our team journal day to day tasks that don’t make sense to host in a project, but still need to show up in hour tracking, workload management, portfolios, etc.

  • 1 on this!!!

I’d love the default option to make tasks public or private as well. I am often making tasks under my tasks instead of under a specific project and other team members can’t see or access the tasks.

Yeah this is really annoying, also looks like Asana stuff not even trying to change anything, they just offer some silly workarounds that are even more annoying.

Sep 2017 to Nov 2023 with no hint of a resolution … lol

Why is this not fixed?
Why can we not set a default to make all tasks public or at least allow admins to view all task for all individuals on a team.
6 years of users asking for functionality and still nothing?
Just started my free trial a week ago and already noticed this function is missing. it must be an inside joke or something.