Making assignee and due date mandatory

Hello to all.

Is there a way to make assignee and due date mandatory fields during task creation? If not, how about to auto-populate these fields with the current logged-in user and a date from now + N days (maybe from a setting variable?) respectively ?


It’s not possible to make these fields mandatory, but here are some options:

  • With a Business plan, you could create two custom rules for a project to give any new task in that project a due date n days from today and assign to a chosen (but not logged-in) user.

  • @Phil_Seeman’s Flowsana app is another good alternative

  • Maybe could help too

  • With a Premium plan, you could create a search/searches which you could run at some frequency to find any tasks newly added missing either value

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Wow nice list of suggestions :+1:

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Last one: you could force people to use a Form to input a task in a given project, and then re-input yourself the data in the correct fields.

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