Making a task into a subtask removes the assignee from the subtask


When I take a task from “My Tasks” and drag it into another task in order to make it a sub-task, Asana removes the assignee from the subtask. This has always felt jarring to me and I can’t find where anyone else has mentioned it. Before I figured out this was happening, I thought I’d lost the task as it wouldn’t show up in My Tasks anymore, only to eventually find it when I’d review the parent task. Sometimes however the parent task isn’t mine, I’m just adding my tasks to something larger that another team member is overseeing and waiting on me to complete work for (this happens when we later recognize two things are related). The goal of this is so completing my sub-tasks informs the owner and they know it’s related to their parent task.

Is this a bug or design feature?

Here’s what the history looks like for a task this happens in:

I didn’t do the line where it said I unassigned it from myself, that happened automatically.


That is indeed very weird and looks like a bug to me! cc @Kaitie


@RyanE, @Bastien_Siebman Yeah I have noticed this for a while… I assumed it wasnt a bug, but would like to think it was…