Make tasks with unread updates bold in task view

We are an engineering team at Bytedance Inc. We use asana not only for project management but also for task tracking. It would be super useful if task with unread updates(comments, tag change, etc) can be shown on top and in bold in ‘My Tasks’, like Gmail or the internal task tool of Facebook. Inbox is good, but when there are lots of tasks and you can’t process them all at once, it would be quite possible to loss track on some of them.

Hi @Zhongyu_Wang and thanks for sharing your feedback with us! We haven’t planned to implement this in the near future, but we will keep it in mind when we take another stab at notifications. In the meantime, we’d recommend relying on your Inbox to follow-up on updates :slight_smile:

I like this idea. But what does unread mean?

You can view a Task update by looking at the Task directly, the Asana Inbox, and by an e-mail notification.
If I get an e-mail notification that I may or may not of read (Asana has no way of knowing) is the Task unread?

Hi Vince,

what we expect is “unread” = “i haven’t read it on asana webise”, regardless of email status.

we have a lot of tasks on a project dashboard and we need a clearer sign whether i have read this task instead of unread emails in my mailbox. i often click through an email into asana website and read other tasks after i read the one the email guide me to. In such cases i can’t rely on email for task read status.

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I’ve noticed a few other posts about this going back a couple of years. This is something I’d love to see happen. Going through the inbox with multiple tasks and ongoing conversations can be maddening. It’s easier just to see what tasks have new comments to read and go directly do them.

I too would like to see this happen.
It seems there is a task for this here: Indicator to show new activity (icon or bold task name) - #4 by Fiona_Hankinson
I have upvoted there