Make tasks with unfinished comments searchable or otherwise tagged



If distracted, it’s easy to leave a comment half-written and not posted so others following the task can see it. It would be great to somehow highlight or search/report on unfinished comments. This would find/tag comments that are not null & saved locally but not posted to asana. Otherwise, in a large task list, they are completely lost unless you remember to reopen the task to finish it.

Unsend Comments
Feature Request: Reminder of comment that has not been submitted
Review Draft Comments/Conversations
Unsend Comments
Review Draft Comments/Conversations
Unpublished comments notification
Unpublished comments notification
Feature Request: Reminder of comment that has not been submitted
Feature Request: Reminder of comment that has not been submitted

What a great idea!


Hi Asanaer,
sometimes it happens that I don’t send comments.
Sometimes because I don’t press rightly “ctrl-enter”, sometimes because I browse between browser tabs… sometimes because it happened…

So I checked it happened alto to my collegues/friends.
My suggestion is: may you add a new “LINK” in the header called “Unsend Comments”?
You should add it after: My tasks, Inbox, Dashboard.



More often that I’d like to admit, I forget to submit/confirm comments, and I’ll find them days later still in ‘draft’ mode. It would be great to get a reminder (maybe an email) after comments sit dormant in ‘draft’ for an extended period of time.


I’ve done this several times myself. Notification of unposted comments would be a nice feature.


Here’s an older post for that. There’s probably more. I’d definitely like to find all mine.


Hi @Daryn_Berger! This hapeens to me all the time, so I really hope this is something we can implement in the future. If you don’t mind I’m merging your post with Make tasks with unfinished comments searchable or otherwise tagged to centralise all feedback!


Asana is amazing at capturing comment drafts even after browser close and reboots. However, sometimes you can forget you never clicked the “Comment” button.

It would be awesome if “comment drafts” showed in the Inbox activity feed as a reminder.


I know where you’re coming from @Ehren_Dimitry, that happens to me regularly! Thanks for sharing your feedback with us; have a great Wednesday!


@Marie I like the idea here, and I’m guessing the solution could be different based on how Asana decides to solve it, but the overall issue also exists here if you think the threads could be merged (before this one gets too many more votes):


Thanks @RyanE, I forgot about that thread!


I love how Asana saves comments I type out but forget to post. However, it would be great if we were able to review all of our pending comments/conversations, because sometimes they get lost and never posted. Would anyone else find this helpful?


Hi @Carolyn_Sekerak and thank you so much for your feedback, this is a brilliant idea!! I regularly forget to “post” my comment too, and while I’m happy they are saved, I usually don’t realize it until I check the task in question again!

I don’t believe this is in our near-term plans at the moment, but I’ll make sure to keep you updated as soon as I hear anything on my end!


I have been victim of long forgotten comments that I left unposted.

Any kind of visibility or notification of comments that have been left unposted for so many days, would be invaluable.


@Marie I feel like I’m the primary gatekeeper for this one :slight_smile:, and I’ve had you group these with this other one in the past:

Sometimes, at night, I wake up and wonder how many half-said things I’ve left unsaid.

Naw, I don’t really do that, it was a joke. There are days, though, where I know I started something, got interrupted, and then spend a lot of time trying to remember where I was and start hitting the back button in whatever Asana windows I have open hoping to come across Past-Ryan’s thoughts.


hahah thanks for the reminder @RyanE :joy_cat: I’ve gone ahead and merged this thread into the main one! :crossed_fingers:t3: this is something that we will implement soon!


That’s exciting news! Last Friday I was having a meeting with a co-worker and she pointed out twice that I’d left a task without clicking the comment button. This feature will be like Christmas for me (or going to the back of the wood shed).


Hahah #teamwork @RyanE :wink: