Make tasks dependent on tracking numbers for shipments

Many of the tasks we have for projects are dependent on something we ordered and are waiting for, but since our purchasing department is ordering the stuff, sometimes the person working on the task doesn’t receive the update when the package arrives. It would be great if asana had an add in for tracking packages from major carriers and you could make these tasks dependent on package arrival. It would be really handy for us!


@Kevin5, would it not be possible to create a task with the Part Description or Order in it and a custom Field like “Received” Yes/No, then make task a precedent to the dependent.

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Thanks, James. That’s a good way to do it. I just thought since the carriers already offer those notifications it would be really cool to integrate them in case of different people receiving, or missing the notification email.


I’d love a UPS app integration, so no one has to enter anything once a tracking number is entered into the task