Make task title with multiple lines


So I want to create the 1-12 list but when I press the Enter button for the next paragraph, nothing happens. How do I create it? I think I accidentally did it now I don’t know how it happened.

task name

Thank you.


Hi @lw11

This is an interesting request as I’ve never seen a title with more than one line before!

That said, I’m not sure I would recommend doing so, since titles should be easy for your team to reference. Besides a list is the perfect kind of content to be included in either a Project or Task! I might recommend that you structure your list in a number of ways, which I’ve included below

  • In a Project: I would create separate Tasks titled 1. 2. 3. 4. You can further break down more than one list in your Project by using sections
  • In a Task: Using the description as the place to place your list or;
  • In a Task: Use Subtasks to create a list.

I hope this helps!


I just want to see how it’s done. Do you have any recommendations for how to do it?