Make Sections/Tasks interchangeable again

Many of us spend our days pasting client emails into Asana and formatting them into tasks, or reformatting tasks created by others to make them more readable.

TAB+N is OK if you’re creating tasks from scratch but in daily use it’s painful because:

TAB+N doesn’t convert text to a section, it creates a new section which requires you to either re-type text, or copy/paste. Both are unneeded extra steps.

You can’t convert a section back to a task. Maybe you made a mistake, maybe things have changed, maybe you need to reformat to make things more readable?

Spend lest time managing tasks and more time doing them. TAB+N illustrates a worrying trend; that Asana has forgotten what made it so great. If a feature change adds extra steps, it should be questioned severely.

Yes, everything is ‘design by committee’ these days but sometimes a company needs to take a leadership role, understand core fundamentals and stick to its guns.

Why add extra steps to task management? Efficiency used to be a selling point.

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