Make new tasks appear at the Top when sorting by Due date

We designed our system around being able to have new task show at the top. Now you changed it so it goes on the bottom and created the same problem people you tried to fix. Allow people to have top or bottom toggle for new incoming tasks. Why would you randomly force people to have them on the bottom when they have designed their work flow and parameters for task to appear on top. How was it a good idea to create the same problem for the other half of people. Please add in top/bottom toggle as default option as soon as possible you just made Asana useless for us only this time you changed how people already had it implemented. This was a really poor myopic design choice please add in toggle option and make everyone happy and allow either option rather than one or the other. Thank you

My response in this post should be helpful to you.

Let me know if that works for you.

Thank you.

This button at the top of the My Tasks list does not add them to the top, they go to the bottom. I thought it wasn’t working and kept clicking it. Why is this button even here if we should be using the red + button on the same page instead (which isn’t even labeled)?

Hi @Suzette_Mack

I opened Asana and went to My Tasks view, clicked on blue “+ Add task” button, and it by default added the new task on the top of the pile.
Then I click on a random task and clicked on +Add task again, and it add the new task right below the task I had randomly selected.

The only way I was able to add the task at the very bottom of the My Tasks list, is by selecting “Add task…” at the bottom of the list. See green.

I am using the web browser free version of Asana. When I click on the blue button, nothing at all happens. I have to click on the red + button at the top to get the New Task box to open on the right side of the screen.

I didn’t even notice there was an Add Task button at the bottom, because I’d have to scroll through pages and pages of tasks to get to the bottom of the list (from the My Tasks screen).

There could be some compatibility issues with the browser @Suzette_Mack .
It would be great if you could share Browser version details and perhaps @Marie or @Emily_Roman can help you further.

Hi @Suzette_Mack, thanks for reaching out! Could you confirm if you are sorting your My Tals list by Due date? If so, this is currently working as expected. If the task doesn’t have a due date, it will be moved to the bottom of the list. If you sort your List by None, new tasks will be created at the top or below a task you have selected!

@Vaibhav_Khatri Google Chrome Version 88.0.4324.182
It’s weird, today when I select the blue Add Task button, it inserts a blank task wherever my cursor is located. Which is perfect.

@Emily_Roman I do have them sorted by date. But I would expect a new task window to open to allow me to enter the info rather than just insert an empty task at the end of thousands of tasks that I have to scroll down to find. It wasn’t giving me the chance to enter a due date or any information at all.

I have two computers in my office, so I have been testing this side by side. The other computer has an older version of Chrome, but the Add Task button is working properly there today, as well. So it seems to be the Asana program itself that is glitchy. It either works on both, or works on neither.

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