Make Navigating to a Task's Project Easier

When in a task’s full screen view, it is not easy to navigate to the project because you have to scroll to the bottom of the task description field to see the project link. This is annoying and takes too much time especially if the task has a long description. See screenshots.

This applies not only to the full screen view but also to tasks viewed within the project if the task is assigned to more than one project and you want to navigate to one of the other projects.

Please find a way to make navigating to the project easier. I don’t think moving the link to the top would make sense when the list of projects assigned to a task could be long. So, maybe a drop-down selector at the top or a link at the top that jumps to the bottom of the task (and likewise one at the bottom that jumps to the top) would be helpful.

Top of full-screen task

Bottom of full-screen task - note the length of scroll on right

Hi @Angie_Canon,

As part of our latest update (see We’re updating our Task pane!), we have moved the project field above the task description, so I’m closing out this thread! :slight_smile: