Make multiple (duplicate) copies of a task



We have 5 teams all with various deliverables and processes, so we can’t create unified templates. So what I have done for my team is create tasks that have the process laid out in subtasks, then I use that main task as the one I copy to new projects. To be clear, I have multiple of these “deliverable” type tasks (each with their own subtask process).

So I don’t know if others have found this “trick” but since Asana doesn’t allow us to create “X” number of copies, I go in to the deliverable task and multi-assign it to 4 - 5 people, then once those are created, I just un-assign them.

It’s by far and away the quickest way to create multiples of the same task, while retaining all the meta data (custom fields, etc).

Not sure how many use cases there are needing this, but my process needed a way to quickly create x number of duplicates of a task.


Thanks for sharing @Francesco_Alessi :wink: