Make it easy to skip tasks



I like to include tasks in Asana that aren’t absolutely necessary (they should be done somewhat regularly, but if I skip them, it’s not a big deal - like cleaning up Outlook).

There seems to be no way to skip a task without deleting it or marking it as complete, which skews my “completed task list” making it look like I accomplished more than I actually did.

Please add a “skip” button so that the task will be removed from “My Tasks”, but recurring instances won’t be deleted.



What I usually do is assign the task to me, put a due date far away, and push to Later. The task auto-promotion will make the task come back automatically.

Asana consultant, author and developer


Thanks, Bastien. So you’re not using a recurring task then, correct? You just keep moving the due date?


Yes, either I never complete it and keep moving it or move until I complete and then re-create.


Okay, I’ll try that, thanks!