Make fields required before task is posted

I love that we can create custom fields, however is there a way to make fields required prior to a task being posted? Some information is vital and we are unfortunately left to police our team to make sure they enter the information needed and I feel that if we could make fields required it would cut down on our policing efforts.

Hi @Marissa_Baird

Prior to posted??

The only way currently to require intake fields is using a Form.

+1 for the idea though as it would be nice to force a task field, but not sure how that would be implemented as there is no ‘Create’ for a task that could be blocked.

Hi @Marissa_Baird!

To add to @Getz_Pro’s comment about using forms, you can set the project to comment only so that team members can not add tasks to the project without going to the form. They can still view the project and collaborate on work happening, but can’t create, delete, or edit any tasks that they are not explicitly assigned.

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You might find my tip helpful as it’s relevant to your question, and provides whatever options currently exist, in addition to the good answers already:



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