Make custom field Read-Only/Encrypt field values in task detailed view

Could you please let me know if we can make task custom fields read-only or encrypt field values so that project/task owner cannot change their values. I would like to access them only through API not in UI. In the below image I would like to make values of LeadId and ClinId read-Only.

Hi @Hema_Sri_Sankarneni,

No, sorry, it’s not possible to make them read-only or encrypt them. The only option you have is to make the project comment-only, but that would block a user from changing a lot more than just those two custom fields, which is probably not what you’re wanting.

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Yes @Phil_Seeman, to make project comment only is not what we are looking for. Thanks for the help!


You can add your vote for read-only custom fields here:

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Update: Ignore this…see following post…


Another option to consider might be to add these two custom fields as local custom fields defined in another project that only the admin person is a member of and multi-home tasks to that project (perhaps automated by a rule). I think this will make them read-only in this project to all but the admin. (I’m pretty sure, but not 100% sure; there are threads on this in the Forum.)

It’s not exactly your request, but the closest workaround I can think of; perhaps it could work for you.


No, unfortunately they won’t be visible at all in other projects aside from the one where they exist as private fields, so that won’t help in this case.

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