Make "Created by" field available for Templates

We’ve found several uses for Asana’s “Created by” field in various projects. One type of project is a common custom template we use, but I can’t find any way to add the “Created by” column to the template. People have to manually add the field after their template has been created. Could we have “Created by” as an option for Templates?

Hi @Chelsea_Ford, thanks for posting. Asana would see the task as created by whoever bought in the project therefore all the tasks would be shown as created by the same person - the project owner. Voted anyway as i think being able to toggle on/off hide options on template as a whole is useful.

Thanks. In our case, we use the template as a starting point, and then add tasks throughout the year. We want to know who the added tasks were created by, thus the field would be very helpful to include for Templates.