Make Asana's Internal Roadmap Public


I’ve been on this forum to find answers to basic things like switching from board to list view (you guys are using the same DB structure for both, right??) and have noticed that basic functionality has months if not over a year of requests, up votes, pleading and begging with nothing more than a simple “We’re thinking about working on it” as an answer.

I noticed timelines popping up into the product which are useless compared to the popular Instagantt integration. Yet I can’t make a basic change from board to list view. Who’s approving these decisions?

Can you publicly open up what it is your product roadmap is so your paying customers can know when to expect certain functionalities? I saw somewhere you do ‘Roadmap Week at Asana’…start posting them starting with the outcome from January 2018 forward. Your whole product line is geared towards product managers, project managers, BA’s, etc…we can help you.



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