Mail Merge type functionality

Hi everyone,

My team is looking to add the following workflow inside of Asana:

  1. Client enters a request in an Asana Webform which captures a combination if standard and custom field information

  2. Task is created in Asana

  3. When task status is changed to “Ad running,” generate a formatted document containing some of the captured information in step 1.

I’m picturing something that works similarly to a “mail merge” in the microsoft office suite where you build a document template and use tags for certain fields that tie back to the asana field name/data when run.

Asana2Go (disclaimer: I’m the creator) offers standard and your own customizable document templates and can produce mail merge-type results as you describe. It cannot be run from a rule (you must request it) however you can select submissions as a batch from dozens of forms at once to generate multiple at a time.



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