Mac OS integration and notifications

I’m a regular user of Asana at work but I’ve struggled to encourage everyone else to adopt it fully, including my director, and I put it mainly down to the lack of MacOS integration, particularly notifications.

Then I came across this the other day:

I hope Asana developers have come across this themselves, because it’s basically perfect. This is exactly what I’d like and it would help adoption in my office no end.


I agree, would love to have this macOS integration for my team.


I notice now that Safari Technology Preview includes support for Push Notifications, which Chrome already supports through a plugin. So if we can’t have the menu bar widget as above perhaps we could at least have support for web browser push notifications?


100% would love this

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To have Macos notifications would be great indeed, but even better would be a Mac app. Any plan for this?


Make sure to all upvote at the top of the post, that is what is being looked at first by Asana as I understand it.


Yes, please. Love using Asana and Mac OS notifications would make tasks with due dates infinitely more usable.

+1 Vote for integration with Mac OS (Notifications) and/or a native Mac app.

+1 too for this kinf of integrations… It’s so annoying to receive a task email 5 to 10 minutes later.
It would be so much nicer to have it on safari - Yes, I still use safari …
But we shouldn’t even always have to leave our browser open to see new tasks or new discussions.
We use notifications for that!
:wink: thanks. I hope it will push its development a little more

Ha! Am I missing something? Forums has the option to enable notifications in Mac/Safari OS, but it doesn’t appear that the Asana App has this functionality… Can you please add this?

*It’s ironic that one of the nice things about Asana is avoiding email, but that’s where notifications occur…

Hi @XraySpecs, we have browser’s notifications for Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge, but unfortunately, they’re not yet compatible with Safari.

I’m merging your post with this other thread we have on the same topic: Mac OS integration and notifications I’ll keep you posted there as soon as I have an update on my end!