Loving the new Asana Community


Great job on the Asana Community redesign Alexis, Kaitie and team! :unicorn::+1:


Thank you so much @paulminors. Happy to see you! :smile:


So great to see you here again, @paulminors - thanks for your feedback and support as always!

Hope the last week in Bali has been great. :palm_tree:


I’m really enjoying this Asana Community website. Is this created natively by the Asana team or does it make use of any other underlying community service or framework?

It is one of the best forums/community websites I’ve interacted with!


I just saw another post that mentioned that Asana Community is built on Discourse.org. I’m wondering how of this is ‘default’ Discourse and how much has been added/embellished by Asana dev team?


Hi @Aj_Dumas - thanks for your positive feedback! We are very happy with Discourse. Much of this interface is the original Discourse design. However, our web developers and designers updated things a bit to be more on-brand for Asana. Our spacing and color scheme are a bit different, for example.