Loss of summing numbers in brackets [1] in task titles


We’ve been heavy users of this ‘hacks’ feature for a long time and it looks like today it disappeared?

I’m guessing asana is trying to push people from those into custom fields but they don’t work nearly as well for us (being spatially so far from the title in the project list makes it a lot harder to read).


Thanks for the feedback @Alex3. We do recommend using custom fields as a much more defined input for this, but we’ll pass along your feedback and request for the team to consider adding this back. Thanks for sharing.


Another pain point with the custom fields vs the “[#]” in title approach: Previously when we linked to a task from another you could tell from the linked title what the estimate on the task was but now you have to click in to every task to see what the custom fields’ value is.

Count numbers in [brackets] hack is gone. We need it back :)

Another pain point is on “My tasks” I can’t see the custom field estimate without clicking in to each task vs with the “[#]” approach at least I could.


If anyone has any workarounds for these I’m very open to suggestions.


There are some work around posted here FYI: Count numbers in [brackets] hack is gone. We need it back :)