Looking for help learning Asana in Charleston SC


Hello and Help

I’m looking for someone who has used the Asana program successfully.
I’m a National Tour Director and am having trouble navigating through this program.
I would be happy to pay for help locally so I can get up and running with this program.


I know @Todd_Cavanaugh is a consultant in the US, maybe he can help?


Thanks, @Bastien_Siebman. Hi @Catherine_Kobor, I do virtual and on-site training for teams all over the US.

Please feel free to use the chat at asanatraining.com to share a little more about what you hope to accomplish.

There’s also great information in the Asana guide.


Hi @Catherine_Kobor I’m in Greenville SC and unfortunately don’t make it to Charleston very often but feel free to send me a PM any time. Also, I recommend the link @Todd_Cavanaugh included. The trainings are very helpful!


Thank you for responding.


Thank you so much for responding. I’m having a hard time with this program and am trying to run it on a iPad Pro which is probably adding to the problem.
How are you using the program and do you have the regular or premium program?