Longer project and tag names in bubbles



The little bubbles for projects and tags on the right of the task name in the list view is not enough to distinguish many of my projects and tags. I use dates in the format “2017-10-10 Meeting” or “2017-10-2 Weekly Plan” for meetings and weekly planning, and they all appear truncated like so: 2017-10…” Completely useless. Furthermore, since I can nest projects, many projects start with similar master project name “REMOD Roof”, “REMOD Review Plans”, “REMOD Floor”, “REMOD Furniture” and these get truncated to “REMOD R…” “REMOD R…” “REMOD F…” “REMOD F…”

Furthermore, any more than 2 bubbles become “…” which is useless for quick visual review.

This is understandable on small screens or browser windows where there is literally no room, but when there is room, all information such be presented. Please fix! Thank you.