Logout Asana

Is there any method to logout of the asana account?

If you click on your profile picture, there is a Log out button at the bottom.

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I am rather looking for a disconnect method to disconnect directly from my app

From the mobile app iOS or Android you mean?

No, it is a java - angular web application, I used for example for authorization: “https: //app.asana.com/-/oauth_authorize? client_id = …”, I am looking for a User Logout Endpoint

Oh it’s an API question! We’ll move your question to the right category then. @Phil_Seeman probably has the answer, I don’t…

Hi @Aniss,

Actually the API has no concepts of “logging in” and “logging out”. You authenticate your app to Asana in one of a number of ways like OAuth, then access it using that authentication.

A concept that you might be thinking of when you ask about “logging out” is perhaps, “Can I deauthorize an OAuth token?” The answer to that is “no” - you can’t kill an active auth token from the API side; the only way to deauthorize an app and its token is via the Asana UI from My Settings > Apps > Authorized Apps.

However, note that an OAuth token has a lifetime of 1 hour, so it’ll expire and deauthorize itself at that point.


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