Logo from customers in workspace


Hi guys,

I work with several clients and they all have a separate workspace off course. I have the problem to know which workspace I am in at first glance. I would propose to change the logo from Asana (upper left corner) to the logo of the clients. Or put the logo from the end client at a clearly visible place that is always there.

This would solve my problem, while scanning the workspace, I know instantly which workspace I am in. It would also give a professional look and feeling and the client would really have a feeling that this workspace is his or her own.

Any comments on this? Are there other people who have multiple workspaces for clients? Or even for products / events? I would think that adding a picture/logo to a workspace would make things more transparant at first sight.


Thats a great initiative, would vote for it :wink:


Hi Frederik,

As far as I know, can you do this once you have the Enterprise tier, but I have not tested it on my own.

Another way is https://userstyles.org/styles/browse?search_terms=asana:
Here you can definitely disable the Asana logo and perhaps integrate your own logo, but I have not tested inserting your own logo so far.



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