Logging a task that was scrapped

Sometimes a task is majorly altered or scrapped altogether. For future reference’s sake, I like to note that it was entered but discarded and why. Anyone who wants to duplicate the project for something else that is very similar would be wise to heed the warnings from when I created the original project. What sounds like a good idea turns out to not be so.

Presently, I put text like “DO NOT DO. SEE COMMENTS”," and check it off as complete so it’s not left as something yet to complete, but I’d like to know how other folks handle such things for quick reference.

I would like to know how others do this.

You might consider using emojis in this case. You’ll have to find the correct emojis, but once put in the task title for example, it becomes clear that it was not done. Couple of tips about emojis in Asana there https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJ4VxNkTUOk