Log of edits/ delete/ etc by Project Owner



Is it possible to see a log of changes to my project by other users (including deletion)?



Hi Pedro,

If a project of which you’re a member is deleted, you’ll receive a message via email. As for changes to the project, you’ll see a message in task history when a task is moved to a different section. However, for other details we do not keep an explicit log. Are you having issues with individuals changing your project details?


I am. I had a team member delete tasks, and I would like to produce a record that those tasks were deleted by that team member. Is this possible?


I would agree with this.
I have up to 12 people working in my projects at once who require more than comment only access but are sometimes (accidentally or purposely) making changes that I would not approve. For example deleting tasks, or making changes to tasks and deleting their action logs within the task. As the project owner I desperately need a log available to me to track any changes made in the project.


Yep, I completely agree - there should be either log of changes made + by whom or lock on the text area - If anyone can change assignement text it is no good.
Do you plan to add this improvement?