Lock sections, dashboards and rules

Hi there,

I’ve seen the request to carry over dashboards also when creating projects based on a template.

Now I what would make our live even easier is the option to lock certain aspects with the (mother)template . For example: the dashboard, rules and maybe even sections. For the latter two I can imagine there are some use cases where you would need to ask the user what to do with tasks that are in a section that’s going to disappear. Maybe we can introduce a function that pops up just as your os does with duplicate files.

De x for all or do x for project y, next, do project x for project z.

What this would do for our company is that small changes in our workflows represented in asana would alway be consistent and adjustments made across all clients are made with a breeze.

I would start with the Dashboards which has the least edge cases afaic.

What do you think?

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