Lock a Member (not remove it)



Is possible to lock a member?
By now it seems is only possible to remove a member.
I like to lock a members (for some reasons), so - when problems will resolve - I can simply reactivate him.



Not really, the best solution if it’s possibly temporary is to deprovision/remove access and just not reassign any tasks of theirs.

I believe if you reactivate/reinvite their account it holds their information so you would just have to go in and mass re-assign the stuff in the Previously Assigned Tasks project (all tasks, incomplete & complete).

Not quite what you asked for, but probably the best solution I can think of for it!


Do you really think is a good solution to remove assigned task then re-assign them?
Maybe dozens of tasks.

I think is one of many trouble unfortunaly Asana has on User management.
I think the right solution maybe a “user lock” by the “team leader”.

I remember another thing: users on task (follower / assigner) maybe not part of project members.


Deprovisioning (remove access) un-assigns them neatly and removes all view/permissions (projects and so on), so yes I think it’s a good workaround for your solution. Not optimal, but it does what you’re requesting.

You can multi-select all the tasks in the project very easily and then assign them back. Multi-select by selecting a task at the top and then shift-clicking the last task. Or select multiple non-concurrent tasks by ctrl-select/clicking.


I hope sooner or later Asana starts to listens its customers needs.
I hope sooner I decide to change project management software.
User managament lacks are too much.