Listen to all changes of tasks in a Asana workspace

I wrote a little tool which calculates a priority score based on some custom fields for every task in our workspace. It works by “streaming” the events of more than 160 projects which results in a lot of requests (~160 every 30 seconds). This results in reaching the api limit.

Is there a way to get all changes to a workspace in one event api request?

No there’s not, sorry.

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Hi @tilman, Tony here from the Asana API team. Although we currently don’t have a way of doing this, we’re looking in to potential ways of enabling this type of use case via webhooks. When you are streaming the events from these projects, is there one or few particular key event types that you are listening for? Eg custom field changes?

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Hi @TonyC, sorry for the late reply. We are doing a priority calculation which is doing the following: every time one of three custom field is changed, the calculation of the priority score of the task is triggered and saves the result in a custom field. For the calculation the values of the three custom fields and the priority score of dependend tasks are used. When the score changed, the calculation of all depending tasks is triggered.

Since a few days, the rate limit is reached after starting to stream from 2 projects and our script is not working anymore. Did you change anything? Is there a solution to stream from all projects already?

Thank you, tilman