List view: Can you look at all tasks of all team members as a list?



I’m curious - is there an option to view all tasks in list view from a manager perspective? For example, if I go to the calendar view, I can see all of my team’s tasks by due date. Is there an option to see this as a list similar to the “my tasks” list?

Thank you for your help and insight.


You can used advanced search to create your own report.

For example

  • Configure an advanced search with the following parameters
    • Assigned to: all users that you manage
      • You can also search for Nobody, if you want to report unassigned Tasks.
    • Completion: Incomplete
  • Run the search
  • Sort by Assignee
  • Save Report

There are a lot of other parameters you can use to narrow down your results even further like due date or in projects or today/upcoming/later. You can create the report(s) that best suit your needs.