List view and Custom Field rules, need suggestions

I’m looking for tips or a possible workaround with the limitations on the number of rules we can have.

I struggled at describing the situation but here’s my best explanation. We are using a visually helpful combination of List View Sections and a Custom Field to show what Department (section) and Step within each Dept (custom field) each task is at. That way, at a glance, you can see the progress of all these tasks.

I LOVE the Rules, where I can set it to move a task to a specific Section if one of the Custom Field options is selected. The problem is that need to be able to do about 30-40 rules, not 20.

List view-- has 9 section representing 9 departments.
Custom Field is a single-select and has 32 selections, representing 9 departments and the steps therein (1.1 means "dept 1, step 1).

Basically, I need a Task to move to List View Section “Step 2” if ANY of the various “Step 2” options are selected (not all steps are used on all tasks). I wish there was a way to set the rules to say “If any one of these custom fields are selected, move to Section xyz”. That would reduce the number of rules I need to about 12.

To be honest I can almost ditch the List View Sections, since I can use “Sort by 'custom field” and it will automatically put them all in proper order. But, the Section headings are SO very visually helpful.

Do a hard refresh on your browser as rule limit just went to 50. I your account does not have it yet, it will soon.

50 rules

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You can select the same CF several times for the trigger in a single rule.

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Oh man both of those are MONEY, thank you sir!


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