List of tasks in a column


How do I get a simple list of tasks in a specific column?


HI @gyonke and welcome to the Asana Community Forum.

From what I understand, you’re looking to create a list of task in a Board column, is that correct?

To create new tasks in your column, simply click on the “+” sign below your column title; check out this handy article for more information and some screenshots!

Hope this helps but please let me know if you have any follow-up questions!


Hi Marie,

Thank you for the response. Let me clarify a bit. I have tasks in a board column and have been adding tasks to the project. Have also moved tasks and edited them, etc. with

The issue is that in the board format you only see 6 tasks at a time and have to scroll through subsequent tasks seeing 6 tasks on the screen at a time. If you have 60 tasks
you are essentially scrolling through these tasks very slowly and going through 10 pages of tasks. If you want to go back and look for a task you have to scroll back up with only 6 tasks shown at a time. Also, if 2 tasks are similar you are scrolling back
and forth 6 tasks at a time.

There must be an easier way I am just trying to figure out how.

I appreciate your time and support,



Thanks for the additional information @gyonke; I see where you’re coming from! Scrolling down can quickly become time-consuming indeed. If you know at least one keyword from the task you’re looking for, try using the “Cmd+F” (or “Ctrl+F”) command, to quickly search through your project! Does that help?