List of tasks I'm following



How do I get the tasks I am following to show up in my task list?


In your MyTasks appear only the tasks assigned to you.
If you want to also have the task you’re following, then you can create a “follow up task”, by clicking on the 3 dots at the top of the task you follow and by selecting “Create a follow up tasks”.

Or you can run a report and filter by the task you’re following.


Can I do this with a free account? I’m not seeing the “Folow Up Task” option . . .


I prefer the Advanced Search and then save as a Favorite. Should put yourself in the Followed By and select incomplete tasks.


I totally agree with @James_Carl, Advanced Search is much more convenient but this is a Premium feature.

“follow up task” option must be Premium too if you don’t see it :frowning:


Follow Up tasks are a “Hack” feature go to our Profile Settings and click on the Hacks Tab as per the below screenshot;

Hope that helps.



Oh yes it’s true ! well done @Jason_Woods :+1:


Thank you!

Will these Folow up tasks recur with the original task?

Can you assign a task to multiple people in the premium version?


The follow-up task can be assigned to you, and it automatically contains a link to the task you want to follow. You can adjust the due date of the follow up task, "follow up tasks " and “the original” task are two different tasks.

In free or Premium a task can be assigned to only 1 person. If needed you can duplicate the task, but to clarify the responsability a task is always assigned to only 1 person.


Are you sure that Advanced Search is a premium feature?
I see it on my basic account, you just click on Search and the last option is “Advanced Search”.

I suspect this method is more convenient than creating Follow Up tasks for everything.



Yes advanced search is Premium:

In parallel of my premium account, I have a free one, and I also see the advanced search option, but once I click on it I get a message saying it is Premium feature.
Have you tried also ?


Thank you so much! This will help me a lot. I was previously using tags and advanced searches to follow up. This will be so much faster AND have a due date attached :slight_smile:


@Mary_Conquest - No Worries Mary happy to help.