List of recurring tasks to be created?



Is there a way to see a list of recurring tasks that are scheduled to be created later? In other words, I have completed a set of recurring tasks. They should be re-created on the 10th of the month, but I want to confirm that all of the right tasks (and only the right tasks) are going to be created when we get to the 10th of the month. How do I do that?


@Damon_Hemmerdinger The recurring tasks are created on completion of the preceding tasks not at the due date. So if you have completed this month’s task the next month’s tasks due on the 10th will have been created and will be visible in the relevant project and available by searching.

If you want to see all the future Tasks like recurring calendar invites then no that is not possible as above the next task isn’t created until the preceding task is completed.

Hope this helps…