Links don't work in description field


I noticed a while ago if I add a link in the description section of a task, whether it’s a link to a task using @mention or a link to a website or document, it won’t automatically open if I click on it. I have to right click then choose open in a new tab. I’m sure it hasn’t always been this way - or am I wrong?

A link pasted in the comments of a task works fine.


Thanks for reaching out @Ruth_Newnham and my apologies for the trouble.

This does sound strange? I’ve just tried to reproduce this issue on my end, and I seem to have no problem clicking on hyperlinks in tasks descriptions, they automatically open, without having to right click on them.

Could you please try logging into your account from an incognito/private window and let me know if you’re able to reproduce the issue?

Could you also send me a screenshot of the task description + hyperlink? Is the hyperlink highlighted in blue?


Hi @Marie

Okay - used an incognito window and it works fine - But obviously I don’t use incognito all the time and don’t really want to have to.

Back in normal mode - the hyperlink is highlighted in blue but only if it is copied or an @mention - if I type in an address it doesn’t create a hyperlink - see screenshot (update - unless I add the http:// in which case it creates hyperlink that also doesn’t work unless right click and new tab))


Thanks for giving these steps a go @Ruth_Newnham. The fact it works with an incognito indicates that a browser add-on is probably messing up with our Javascript and causing this issue. I would recommend uninstalling any recent addon you’ve installed on your browser until you find the one causing the issue!


@Marie thanks for the advice but too much effort involved uninstalling then reinstalling - I turned them all off and it didn’t work - not such a big deal - I’ll just right click :slight_smile:.I really just wanted to let you know in case it was something you needed to do something about