Linking Recurring Dependent Tasks to a Master Recurring Task - Weekly Reporting

We are set up as an agency model marketing team and send out clients weekly reports. We have our Asana set up with a project for each client and use the subtasks with headers for sorting tasks within that client. We do weekly reporting for each client there are up to 3 different services in that report, so there are 3 team members who need to make updates before the client lead can send the report. We currently have this set up with a task for the report and subtasks for each segment that needs to be updated, however we cannot use due dates for those subtasks due to the functionality of the reoccurring task itself not updating due dates for the next instance of the task. I also tried making the subtasks separately as tasks of their own and then just @tagged the consolidated report task in the description to keep them linked together but that also does not update instance to instance and will take you to the completed task. I’ve also tried creating the Reporting task and then within that have 4 reoccurring tasks one for each service and one to send but that makes a very long subtask list - since you cant filter subtasks to only show uncompleted ones - is there a way to sort subtasks so that completed tasks go to the bottom of the list? Custom fields aren’t ideal as I would like to assign each team member their part of the report to have it on their task list.

What would be the best way to set up this kind of task? At the moment we keep ending up with duplicates of the subtasks that didn’t get checked off before the master task was completed but with no due date so its getting really messy to tell which is the current task. Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi @Jules_Butler,

Sounds complex!

Honestly, I think the simplest way to do this is to eliminate the whole dependent/recurring tasks cycle.

Instead, I suggest that you create a practice whereby the last person in the sequence of tasks creates a new task for the client lead to send the report. The last person in the sequence could add this as a final step in their task description.

As an alternative, you could also add the client lead as a collaborator on the recurring (if you want this to remain recurring) final task. Then, when the task is checked off the client lead will be notified and they’ll be aware that their step is next.

So, as you can see, I think the simplest option is your best option here. Let us know if you have any questions or if you think an alternative route would work better for you.

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Thanks for the reply @Alexis! Yes its very complicated at the moment and we are trying to move away from this system but that process is taking longer than anticipated so Im trying to find an interim solution to at least help a little. Piecing together your advice on other posts and here what I ended up doing was creating a master task that is used as a header for the reports section of the project - no assignment no due date - then adding reoccurring subtasks for each service and ‘send report’ which are also added to the master client project and a reports overview project. This allows the Project/Client view to show all pieces of the report as well as giving a high level overview of everything while

My one challenge with this set up is that I would like to set the “Send Report” sub-task as dependent on the other 3 update subtasks, however since they are reoccurring the dependency gets dropped week to week. Is there a way for reoccurring subtasks to keep their dependencies through the next round? I really like how the subtasks let us assign them to each person with a due date, but it would be very beneficial if you could go into the Send Report task and see if the other tasks for that report have been completed, but because using the subtask to send instead of the master you dont have this overview. This worked perfectly with the dependencies but they dropped once last weeks report was completed and the new tasks were generate. Can you have dependencies for reoccurring tasks?