Link to Beta test for iOS APP not working

Hi @Asana team!

I received this beautiful banner (photo 1) announcing the Beta version of the iOS app. When I clicked on it, it brought me to TestFlight app saying Couldn’t Load App (photo 2) . What am I doing wrong? Can anyone help so I can test in Beta and provide feedback.

@Rebecca_McGrath @Marie you might want to check this post :slight_smile:

Thanks for the report @Drew_Chin + @Bastien_Siebman. I’m checking in with our team and will circle back here as soon as I have an update!

Hi @Drew_Chin

I just got an update from our team. This banner was showing to all our users by mistake. To discard the banner simply update your app to the latest version, and if you’re still interested in joining our beta program, you can follow these instructions → Help test the Asana mobile apps: Join the beta program

I hope this helps :slight_smile: