Limits on features with a different email domain

Hey All,

I’m trying to figure out what features are available to full access Premium users with a different email domain.

So Far:

  1. Creating Custom Fields


  1. Rules?
  2. Creating Forms?
  3. Creating Task Templates?


@LEGGO did a great and full piece on the topic: What if a friend invited you to an Asana-themed amusement park as a Guest? 🎟 This tip highlights the rides you aren’t tall enough to ride! (Guest Restrictions)

Hi @Bastien_Siebman ,

Thank you for your reply. However that’s guest access. What I was referring to was a license without the same email as the companies domain.

So I guess my real question would be: is it possible to have full access without the same company domain email address?

So it’s more like, *What if your brother-in-law invited you to an Asana-themed amusement park. They have a season pass and added you to their pass for an additional cost. What are you not able to ride because you don’t share the same last name?

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Hi @Casey_Jones,

It depends on whether you’re operating in an organization or a workspace. (Asana FAQs and common questions | Product Guide • Asana)

In a workspace, all users are full paid users regardless of their email domain. In an organization, users with the same email domain as the org are full paid users; those with different email domains are guests - they are not charged for and have the limitations that Jerod discusses.

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