Limiting access for an assignee to the rest of a board

I want to create one board/client for all the projects we have that client. And within it, I want to assign a task for our client’s assistant to provide us a report we need from them each month so they would upload it into their own board. But that’s all I want to give them access to. I don’t want them to see the rest of the board because it has proprietary steps in there for my team to complete the project for the client. How do I set it up for my client’s assistant to see and get access to that ONE task only and protect the rest of the board (and the rest of our projects in the rest of Asana)? I don’t want to have to set up an entire different team for this one task for each and every of our clients if possible. Ideas?

I think I’ve found my answer for this situation. It took more research than I feel it should have, but this will work. For our client’s employees we will invite them to the team as a “Guest”. They can only see those exact tasks they have been assigned. They can’t see any of our other projects and especially our other clients’ projects. They can still communicate and have conversations with the rest of the team and we will set them up up on monthly tasks to get those reports in that we need and they will be added to their project files.

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Glad you found a solution that works for you! And thanks for telling the community. I think many folks will find this helpful. :slight_smile: