Limited Guest Access

If I want to add a LAM for just a short period of time, how does the pricing change?

For instance, if I want to add a LAM for a month and a half, would I have to pay for their access for two months? Or what if I just want to give access for a week? What are the terms of paying for LGA?

Hello @Christina_Barton

that depends whether the user you are adding is considered a full user or guest user (with an email with different domain).
Guest users are free but won‘t be able to access paid features such as creating rules, custom fields, etc.

If you add a premium or business user then if you have month to month pricing you should be able to change the total user monthly Asana Pricing | Premium, Business, & Enterprise pricing plans • Asana
You would have to remove the user from your organization though before being able to downgrade.

Keep in mind though Asana pricing is in steps in terms of total seats.

More info on the pricing here Understanding the Asana pricing

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