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We are new user to Asana, but we are really enjoying the product. I know that Asana has changed the pricing tiers right when we started implementing the software. Can anyone clarify the limited access and how that applies to the monthly cost? We are Premium subscriber (NOT Business) and we would like to add a guest or two from within our organization. If we add them will they add to the overall monthly cost? Can we add users from within our organization as guests? Somehow I thought, at least before the price restructure, you could only add guests from outside the organization or else it would add to your subscription cost.

Thanks in advance!


Hi Katie,

You are correct - guests must have a different email domain from your registered organization domain. People who sign up with an email address of your org domain are considered members and will count against your cost.

There’s more info on the topic here:


Can you tell me if this thread answers your question? Understanding the Asana pricing
If not, I’ll update it!


Thanks for reaching out. The Guide post does answer my question. The only thing I might update is a little more language with the new subscription tiers (Premium, Business, Enterprise). It’s a little confusing how those level correspond to teams versus organizations when factoring in guest/limited members.

It would be really great if paying teams could get 3 free guest members within their organization. It would help show the value of Asana and get more buy-in to expand the usage across more areas of the organization. Just a thought :slight_smile:

Thank you,