Limit Projects listed to those within the team when assigning additional projects to tasks

We have invited one of our customers to be a guest of one of the teams and provide clarifications to tasks on the board. Subsequently, This person now has visibility into who our other clients are through the list presented when assigning additional projects to tasks.

How can we limit a guests visibility to only those projects that are part of the team they are a guest of and not other clients?

Welcome to the Forum @Mark_Bohn and thank you for reaching out!

To limit your guests to only have access and visibility to some of the projects within the team, you just need to remove them from your Team following these steps and add them only to the projects you want them to have access to.

Hope this helps! Please let me know if you have additional questions!

@Mark_Bohn and @Natalia,

@Natalia’s answer makes sense, but I think you could also, if you preferred, keep those folks in the team but lock down the other projects within the team to make them all private to project members only so they couldn’t see those. Kind of the inverse of @Natalia’s suggestion, which might work better in some situations.