Limit Guests to only specific teams or Projects + Renaming Guests and Members for better clarity

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We are an Agency using asana to manage tasks for our clients and find that giving access to partners as guests helps collaboration.

Because Guests and Members choose their own name when setting up there is a risk that the wrong person is mentioned in a comment (which then automatically add them as a follower and gives them access to view the task).

I have been looking at some options for our organisation to be able to limit the possibility of something going wrong, is it possible to do any of the below?

  1. Limit guests to a specific team (ie if they are mentioned outside specific teams it is blocked)

  2. Rename all members and guests to ensure the name is clear (eg adding their business name to the name in the profile so it is much clearer who is who and where they are from).

The first option would be the ideal approach (only allow mentions and follows for Specific Teams, specific projects or tasks) as it gives us control as Admins (
On the second point I found the below threads which seems we will need to send a request to all users to change the profile themselves, it would be much better if Admins could control this (getting buy in and action across all members and guests (there are 158 members and guests in our organisation) is going to take a lot of reminding and checking compared to an admin having the option to simply change.

Some posts on these requests here
Renaming Users

Restrict Guest Permissions

Is anyone else having the same challenge/concern or perhaps have found a solution to this?


On the whole, I think a lot of issues can be avoided if this suggestion from this post was implemented.

Guests shouldn’t appear in auto-suggest at all. Specially since auto-suggest adds that person to the task instantly!

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I am planning on building a tool that would give you an overview of all the guests you have and what they see. Like but just for guests. Would that help?