Limit File / Lock File access in Overview

Does someone have a way to LOCK OUT file access to guest collaborators in asana ?

We have collaborators from other departments, for XFN initiatives, that are jumping into WIP documents and giving feedback well before assets are ready to share.

Looking for a way to provide collaborators the ‘heads up’ on project process, without giving them access into our efforts before they are closer to presentable.

No design by committee, please.

What does this mean?

Usually I teach my clients that Asana is not a file storage system. You should store your files in a Google Drive, Sharepoint etc and if you do, then you do have a way to lock files out in those systems… Not sure I answer your concern though :slight_smile:

It was a comment on the loss of quality/finish when a design is produced by committee/non-design inputs.

At this point in our process, the PMM’s have already provided a request in the form of a creative brief [outlining the XFN Stakeholder needs/concerns, goals, the think/feel/do, the problem to be solved, the metrics and studies that drive the creative need] and had a creative kickoff meeting with the creatives and stakeholders to sync on direction and answer any questions/field concerns. This is now in Creative Design hands until there is a final to present to the XFN and Marketing stakeholders - having them dip in when the work is still in process is like having someone come in halfway through simmering Great Gramma’s special sauce to add ingredients they like - may not (often does not) improve the sauce and can derail the efforts of the design team.

Got a little silly there - but I think that clarifies - we DO want XFN input - before design kick and after we have a presentable final asset and are actively seeking feedback.

Cheers! Sunday