Let other user see task's title but not the content




Is it possible to organize tasks/projects in such a way that a user can see task names of other user’s but not have access to the contents of those tasks?

Here’s why I’m trying to do this:
I am trying to organize a workspace on Asana for sales reps. Each of them would have their project with potential clients (each client would be a task, where task name is client’s name).
Every rep would have a project to themselves but my problem is… how can a rep know, that a given client isn’t already in another rep’s project (to avoid doubles)?

It would be perfect, if they had a way to check each other’s task names. They don’t have to know who owns a given task, would be enough if they knew that the task (client) is already in Asana, somewhere in someone’s project.

Do you know if there’s a way to do this? Or a workaround for it? Any help would be appreciated!


Hi Emilia,

One way you could solve this is having a project with all the clients that is integrated to a spreadsheet. This way you could create a process that the sales rep has to check the list before assigning a client to themselves.

Maybe the process can get a little bit more robust if you put a script that checks if there’s a double.

It’s seems a very rudimentar option, but if you’re interested, I could share some Google Scripts that could make that integration between Asana and Google Sheets.



Hi Millor,

thank you for the suggestions! I would appreciate if you could share the script for integration with Google Sheets. In my case I would need to integrate multiple projects into one spreadsheet, is that possible?


Or does Asana have an autofill / auto-suggestions option when creating a task to suggest a task with the same name already exists?


Hi Emilia,

Yes, it’s possible to integrate multiple projects into one spreadsheet.

Please send me your e-mail in the private message, so I can send you the script.

Best regards!